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Hotel Stay Sheds Light on Weight Loss
copyright 2006 by Greg Landry, M.S.




As you may know, weight loss is difficult. But, it's always been my contention that weight loss would be much less difficult if people truly exercised on a regular basis. Most statistics indicate that about 30% of adults are regular exercisers. 

However, from years of working in the fitness industry, I know that number is far from accurate. A recent stay at a hotel once again opened my eyes to just how little most people exercise. I stayed at a 460 room hotel that had only three rooms available when I checked in, so it was full. Figuring an average of 1.5 adults per room, there were approximately 700 adults staying there that night.

Pictures in the lobby touted a beautiful exercise room, with lots of nice equipment. The clerk also mentioned the exercise room to me and explained where it was located. My point being that everyone who checked in was made aware that an exercise facility existed. I went in for a short evening treadmill workout around 7:30 that evening expecting it to be crowded. To my surprise, it was empty! I had a great workout and returned around 5:30 a.m. for some weight training, again thinking that it would be crowded.

Surprise again, I shared the huge facility with two other people. As I was leaving for an outside run around 6:15, one more person came in. I checked again around 7:00 to find no one there, and once more as I was leaving the hotel at 8:00.. still empty. As far as I could tell, maybe four or five people out of 700 exercised that morning and the previous evening.

This bit of anecdotal evidence just reinforced what I have believed for years, that a very small percentage of adults actually exercise on a regular basis. America is overweight because America doesn't exercise! Now I certainly realize that diet also plays a major role in weight loss. However, my experience in working with hundreds of people is that you'll find it much easier to eat healthy foods in healthy quantities if you're exercising on a regular basis.

Exercise not only has physical benefits such as caloric expenditure and increasing your basal metabolic rate, but it also puts you in a "healthy" frame of mind. My clients tell me that this helps them to eat healthier and in healthier quantities. The bottom line here folks is that exercise is CRITICAL to a successful weight loss program.




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