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Benefits of becoming a part-time Vegetarian
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Many people out there want to eat a healthier diet but they are afraid of giving up certain foods. We hear all of the time about the numerous health benefits we could obtain by becoming vegetarian. However, many of us don’t want to completely give up meat. There are those few moments of weakness where we just have to have that turkey burger or that chicken salad. Well, some good news for those of us who want to reap certain vegetarian benefits without giving up meat completely comes from a little diet known as part-time vegetarian.

When you are a part-time vegetarian, you try not to consume any meat for at least 3 days out of the week. On those days you create meals that are strictly vegetarian and rich in vegetables and other non-animal nutrients. Even though you may not be a pure vegetarian, studies show that even a part time vegetarian reaps valuable health benefits.

By becoming a part time vegetarian, you not only cut your food cost in half, but you also reduce your saturated fat intake, reduce your cholesterol intake, and reduce your calorie intake. After just a few weeks you begin to feel healthier, lighter and more energized. The reason for the increase in energy is due to the increase in valuable nutrients. By consuming more fruit and veggies on your vegetarian days, you increase your intake of vitamins, potassium, fiber, beta carotene, and lycopene, to name a few. All of these nutrients are extremely beneficial to your overall health. Each compound plays an important role in your body. Just as an example, a diet rich in fiber helps with numerous aspects of the digestive track. So if you want to improve your health and energy, try becoming a part time vegetarian.




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