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What are the Benefits of Stretching?
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Many people work out on a daily basis, but how many of those people take the time to warm up prior to their workout? The answer is “not many.” People usually skip this necessary part of fitness because they are anxious to get right into their routine. However, any fitness guru will tell you that warming up and stretching your body prior to exercising is absolutely essential. Here are the reasons why:

Stretching increases your flexibility. When your muscles are flexible you can improve your daily performance on a variety of tasks. Even something as simple as tying your shoelaces can be easier on your body if your muscles are flexible. Stretching also improves the range of motion of your joints. This in turn provides you with an improvement in balance and a smaller chance of a workout injury. A well known benefit of stretching is an increase in circulation. When you stretch your body, the blood flow to your muscles increases greatly.

And for those of us who are concerned with our appearance, stretching is known to improve posture. When we stretch, our muscles loosen up and feel more relaxed. When our muscles are loose our posture improves. And last but certainly not least, stretching can help us relieve stress. In today’s hectic society many people suffer from stress. Without physical activity, stress has a way of building up tension in our bodies. By implementing stretching into our daily routine, we relax tour tense muscles and release excess pressure. Therefore, if you have ever disbelieved in the power of this miracle regimen, try applying it to your daily routine for at least two weeks and feel and see the difference it can make for you.




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