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Can Caffeine help you Lose Weight?
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Over the years there have been numerous weight loss supplements and diets which emphasized caffeine as the main stimulant of weight loss. Is this particular ingredient capable of providing long term weight loss or is it simply hype? Although some research may have proven that caffeine can slightly enhance weight loss in people who exercise and eat a low fat diet, there is no evidence that this particular ingredient has the ability to lead to permanent weight loss. Over the years, there have been several caffeine related studies which proved various results.

One study showed that caffeine may act as an appetite suppressant. Several people who underwent the study ate less after consuming caffeine. However, these results are brief; they do not last long enough to lead to any significant drop in weight. Another study showed that coffee may increase the body’s ability to burn calories. It has been proven that caffeine stimulates the process known as thermogenesis. This particular process is one of the ways our body generates heat and energy from digesting food; however, caffeine’s role in thermogenesis in minimal. Many researchers believe that its impact upon this process is so minimal that it would not lead to a significant drop in weight.

One of the last studies on caffeine proved that this particular ingredient is a diuretic. What this means is that caffeine causes an increase in the amount of urine we excrete. However, this does not signify weight loss. Because caffeine is a diuretic it simply means that it leads to temporary water loss. So as you can see, there is no actual evidence which proves caffeine to be a weight loss supplement. There are without a doubt numerous other natural plants which suppress the appetite and stimulate weight loss, but coffee is not one of them.




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