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3 Common Fitness Mistakes made by Beginners
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Starting a fitness routine can be difficult. For those of us who can’t afford a personal trainer, figuring out the right exercises and the proper dieting tips can be quite a struggle. That is why many people make numerous mistakes while working out. Whether you work out at home or at the gym here are a few tips that might help you avoid some of the common mistakes made by fitness beginners.

One major mistake that people make at the gym, and even at home, is leaning on the equipment. How many times have you seen someone at the gym leaning on the handle bars of the treadmill? I see it every single day. It usually occurs on the stairmaster or the treadmill. This is a big no-no. It is very important t to stand erect while working out. When you lean, your back is rounded and your spine does not get enough support. Another common equipment mistake is holding on too tightly to the cardio machines. If you hold on too tight you end up cheating your way out of exercise. Not only are you more likely to slouch over the equipment but you also refrain from moving your arms during exercise. By moving your arms you could be increasing your heart rate and burning more calories.

And the final mistake that beginners make is believing that cardiovascular fitness is enough. Although cardiovascular fitness is very important and beneficial to our health, strength training is also very valuable. The truth is, we begin to lose our muscle at the age of 30 and strength training can help us maintain and even improve our muscle far into our older years. And everybody knows that an increase in muscle leads to an increase in calories burned! These are just a few common fitness mistakes that beginners make.




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