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Lose Weight While Making Money
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Over the past few years, I've received several messages from people who have found clever ways get paid for exercising, and thus losing weight. Several got jobs delivering newspapers on foot. Meg delivered an afternoon newspaper in her town that had her walking for two to three hours five days a week.

She said she lost 52 pounds in her first four months on the job - and got paid for it! Carl needed some extra cash, so he took a part-time job early in the morning delivering newspapers around where he lived. He woke-up two hours early seven days a week to walk for one and a half hours delivering papers before his regular nine to five job. He said he was a total couch potato before starting this new job and quickly lost the 65 pounds he needed to dump.

I've also heard from several mail carriers on walking routes who enjoy getting paid to walk. Tia said she immediately lost over 30 pounds when she started her route and has no problem keeping it off. In fact, she says she sometimes finds that her weight is getting to low and she has to consciously increase her caloric intake.

Then there's Sharon, who at age 34 decided to take a six hour a day job helping a carpenter build houses. When her youngest child started school, she wanted a part-time job to make extra money, but she also wanted it to be an active job. Sharon says she lost the 20 or so pounds she needed to lose and toned up within a few months.

Here's my favorite; Penny wanted an active way to make money but was having trouble finding anything. However, an advertising flyer left on her front door knob sparked an idea. She approached local businesses and offered them advertising in the neighborhoods they served for far less than it would cost them to mail advertisements. She would print advertising flyers for them and deliver them to every house in the areas they chose.

Penny says that her business has been a tremendous success and she gets to make money while walking for two to four hours per day. She makes about $13 per hour for her walking - not bad!

Can you find a way to get paid for exercising and losing weight?



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