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Foods which are known to trigger Headaches and Migraines
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There are many foods which are known to trigger headaches and migraines. A lot of people utilize certain herbal remedies in solving the problem; however, sometimes a slight change in our diet can do the trick. People who are sensitive to getting recurring headaches should be especially careful in watching what they eat. Certain dieting mistakes, such as fasting, dehydration and skipping meals can trigger throbbing head pains. Some other culprits behind migraines are: tyramine containing foods, alcohol, food additives, aged cheese and cold foods. Knowing which foods to avoid can help us make the best decision in avoiding future headaches.

Avoiding foods which contain tyramine is one of the steps towards headache reduction. Tyramine is naturally found in some foods. This particular compound is formed from the breakdown of protein as foods age; basically, the longer the protein ages, the greater the tyramine content. Some of the foods which contain high tyramine levels include aged cheese, red wine, alcoholic beverages, and certain processed meats. Food additives are also known to trigger headaches. These additives, nitrites and nitrates, dilate blood vessels causing headaches in some people. Cold foods can also trigger migraines, especially in people who are overheated from exercise or hot temperature. So as you can see, food can be a major driving factor behind headaches. Changing our diets may be the answer to our problem; however, if you feel that your migraines are not influenced by the food you eat, there are certain all natural herbal remedies to help you deal with the reoccurrence of migraines.

Therefore, if you happen to suffer from reoccurring headaches or migraines remember these few steps: stay well hydrated, avoid foods with high tyramine levels (such as aged cheese, red wine), avoid foods with a lot of food additives, eat more fresh foods, and try to eat your meals at the same time every day.




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