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Getting rid of Flab at 40
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Everyone knows that our metabolism slows down greatly once we reach 40. This is due to various reasons, such as loss of muscle, life changes, lack of physical activity, thyroid problems, etc. Furthermore, our metabolic rate slows down 5 % all on its own every decade past the age of forty. Many people, especially women, feel like there is absolutely nothing they can do in order to stop this life change from occurring. They simply sit back and watch the weight add on year by year. However, there are certain steps we can take in order to improve our metabolic rate during our mid-life.

One way to maintain our weight at the age of 40 is to eat 100 calories less per day. Given that our metabolic rate slows down by 5% at 40, cutting out those 100 calories will help us make up for that 5% of calorie burning potential we lost. By consuming those 100 calories each day, you should expect to add on 10 extra pounds by the end of the year.

Another way to increase our metabolic rate is to exercise. Once we turn 40 we tend to have less time to exercise, if any. We push our own needs aside in order to take care of our families. However, it is very wise to maintain a fitness routine. It is also greatly recommended to intensify your routine slightly. For instance if you are used to walking on the treadmill as your form of exercise, try positioning your machine at an up-hill position. This will help you work out and strengthen your muscle. Muscle is the key to burning calories, even while at rest. Once we reach age 40 our muscle mass diminishes greatly if we fail to exercise. Keeping these few factors in mind will help us improve our metabolic rate in the near future.




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