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How beneficial is Rest between Workouts?
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Many of us set aside a certain amount of time each day towards exercise. Some of us give in to 30 minutes each day while others give in to 60 minutes or more. However, we do not always get that specific number of physical activity. Many of us take multiple brakes throughout our fitness routine. This is especially true for those who exercise at the gym due to the numerous conversations we undergo with other gym goers. By taking numerous brakes we allow our bodies to go into rest mode and we make it more difficult for ourselves to lose weight. So how necessary are brakes during physical fitness?

The truth is numerous brakes are not as beneficial as one believes. The best exercise motto is in fact “talk less and move more.” This means that cutting your breaks short is key in achieving better physical activity. What this means is that you don’t have to increase the intensity of your workout but instead, you challenge your body to recover more quickly. Even reducing your rest time during a simple 30 minute workout can increase your weight loss goals and challenge your body. Why is constant movement so crucial? Basically, when you allow your body to rest it remains at rest for a short period of time afterwards. A good saying to follow while exercising states that “a body at rest remains at rest; a body in motion remains in motion.” So the more you move in a given time period, the easier it becomes to keep moving.

So the next time you head to the gym, try to calculate all of the time you spend at rest. If you don’t even feel a strain on your body following your regimen, you may be spending a little too much time relaxing.




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