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Monotonous workouts: are they Beneficial?
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A lot of gym goers try to master one particular workout in order to get the most benefits. This however is not always the case. In fact, getting used to a particular exercise can slow down our weight loss results. When our bodies get used to a certain rhythm during physical activity, we end up using less energy than if we were doing multiple movements. So if you are trying to target a specific part of your body, be sure not to incorporate the same exact movements every day. By incorporating various movements your body has a harder time getting used to the routine.

Getting the most out of your exercise is easy. All you have to do is vary your activities. Make each move different and more complex than the previous. If you happen to complete your fitness regimen at the gym, use different workout equipment. Try spending ten minutes on the elliptical trainer, ten minutes running, ten minutes jumping rope, and ten minutes strength training. Don’t simply spend 50 minutes on the treadmill. And if you do happen to spend all of your time on a treadmill, try to mix things up. Spend ten minutes running, ten minutes walking up a hill, and the last ten minutes try brisk walking along with some arm movements. The key is not to let your body get used to one pace. The more efficient your body gets at an activity, the more energy it will conserve. This means you will be getting less out of your workout and your weight loss results will greatly diminish.

So the next time you go to the gym, look closely at your workout regimen and figure out your comfort level. If following your workout you don’t feel strain on your body, you might have gotten used to that particular routine.




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