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Portion Control- The key to Successful Weight Loss
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Are you eating healthy meals and exercising and at the end of the day you still put on those few extra pounds. If you answered yes, then the solution to your problem may be portion control. What this means is that you have to learn to better manage the amount of food you consume daily. The truth is your daily calorie intake equals your weight.

Many people define the word serving as the amount of food they can fit on their plate. That is untrue and it is a big no-no. In fact, a serving is an actual amount usually defined by common measurements. Some of the measurements you might find on the food label include cups, ounces, and pieces. Understanding and following these measurements is important when it comes down to weight loss. If you misinterpret the portions, you could easily be consuming many more calories than you desire. By learning to apply the serving size strategy to your meal, you will be able to continue consuming the foods you love without any negative outcome. You will simply be eating less then you usually eat. For instance, when sitting down at the dinner table, instead of grabbing your usual dinner plate, opt for a smaller plate.

Furthermore, when placing food on your plate, try to add more veggies and fruit. Be sure that your meal is richer in low calorie foods and lower in high calorie foods. You may think that eating a bunch of greens and a small piece of chicken will not sustain your hunger, but it definitely will. Some vegetables are so rich in fiber that they sustain hunger longer then a variety of poultry. So if you wish to lose weight, donít be afraid to make several small changes to your dinner plate.




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