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Several years ago I published in one of my email newsletters some messages I had received from subscribers. These messages described their outdoor exercise sessions: What they did, what they saw, what they thought about, etc. The response was overwhelming. I received hundreds of messages from subscribers stating how much they loved the exercise stories and how motivating they were for them. Reading about other people's exercise can be very motivating! So, I periodically publish some of the letters from my subscribers. Here's the latest installment..

Hi all 
Last fall a health screening at work
said I was 33% fat. Well at 135 Pounds I never thought that was possible. I decided it was time to get on the ball and do something about it. I started walking and weight lifting. I started walking to the railroad tracks and back and that took me 30 minutes. Then I discovered I could walk a loop 2.7 miles and did that. Since I live out of town a mile only a short portion is in town. Ilive in Mt and the view of the mountains is ever changing.

Some days the sky goes on forever and is sooooo blue. I get to watch the snow line move down the mountains in the fall to the valley floor where we are and move back up in the spring. It depends on the day as to what I do and think of. I work in a nursing home and somedays I need to blow off steam and I see nothing. Some days the view amazes me. Some of the best walking times I've have my mind is just on the smell and sounds of nature and I'm home before I start walking.

I also can do a longer walk about 1 and a half hour by going to a resort near by and walking the loop there through the golf course. This is more hilly and gives me a real work out. In the early spring I go to Glacier Park and snowshoe what fun and sights. Never the same and the people are great to meet.

We talk about trails and kinds of shoes etc. The summer offers hiking in the park too. So many trails and places to go. I love it. I do get lazy in the winter and don't get out as much as I should. But I froze my face a few years ago and have trouble with the cold now. I want to try cross country skiing but made a real fool of myself last winter. I must have been playing twister in skis. I will try it again someday. I did but cross country skis a few weeks ago.

There are alot of outdoor things to do here and it is fun and that makes the difference in sticking with it. If it was all work I'd now do it. Keep up the good work and have fun.


Let me first say how much I have enjoyed reading your newsletter. It is extremely encouraging to read about the successes of others in their weight-loss endeavors.

About a year ago, I picked up the sport of running, due to a co-worker's sharing of her interest. I had already lost about 40 pounds through walking and sensible eating, but decided that I needed to challenge myself. I started working towards the goal of completing my first 5K in May of last year. After that, I decided to continue training for races.

Although I knew I would never win anything, I was doing it totally for myself, and I loved it!! Well, in January, my husband and I found out that we are expecting our first child after nearly six years of marriage. Willingly, I curtailed my running and now only incorporate it in little spurts with my 2 miles per day of walking. My husband has started walking with me around our hilly neighborhood and it gives us time to talk about this soon-to-be addition to our family, names for the baby, etc. Since my husband works a very busy schedule, this is usually the only time of the day that we really get to take a break and just spend some time talking about things that are going on in our lives, both individually and separately.

He has now expressed an interest in running and I am helping him get started by encouraging him and giving him some pointers. Although there are not any races in my immediate future, it is exciting to see him get as "pumped up" as I used to get for those big events.


Hi Greg, my name is Cindy. My outdoor exercise is walking. I call it my "sanity walk." I started walking several years ago as part of my weight loss program (I've lost 130 lbs.!!!) and it is the one exercise that's so easy to keep doing, that's why I love walking. I walk the stairs (4 stories) at work, I park far away at stores and walk across the parking lot.

I walk on my lunch hour - it's the perfect head clearer. I live in a small town so walking anytime of the day or night is still pretty safe. My normal distance is about 2 miles a day but I don't have a set distance - depending, my walks last 30 to 60 minutes. When I walk I think, I pray, I look for something beautiful -- a flower, snow covered trees, cloud formations, children, another smiling face.

I've walked every street in this small town many times and each time I see something I didn't notice before. When I'm angry - I walk. You might be surprised at how fast your anger disappears when you start enjoying the beauty of God's creation -- and there is always beauty out there no matter how many times we walk that same old route.





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