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Easy ways to reduce your Portion Size and cut your Calories in Half
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When it comes down to weight loss, portion control is key. The size of your meal equals the amount of calories you consume. If you eat twice as much as you normally eat, your calorie intake will also double. Consequently, if you reduce your portion sizes and cut your food intake in half; your calorie intake will also reduce by half. So what can we do in order to control our portion sizes with greater ease?

One way to better control the amount of calories we consume is to serve smaller portions. Simply place a little bit less on your plate than what you normally eat. Remember that you can always have seconds if needed. Another means of controlling your meal size is to measure the amount of food you eat. If you are eating from a container, it may be difficult to pin point exactly how much you have eaten. But if you place your food on a plate, you have a better visual of the amount of food you are consuming. Measuring serving sizes is also a good tip when trying to control your calorie intake.

In order to measure the serving sizes of the products you purchase you have to check the labels. Each and every single product has a label which specifies the amount of calories per serving. It is wise to follow the serving sizes on these labels. This way you are aware of the exact amount of calories you are consuming. You no longer have to second guess. And last but certainly not least, you should never feel obligated to clean your plate. It is completely normal to stop eating once you are full. Do not push yourself into eating more just because something tastes good. Portion control is extremely important and following these few steps will help you reduce your calorie intake in no time.




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