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The Relationship between Stress and your Skin
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Stress can be the culprit of numerous health problems. It can make us feel sick and it can make us look 10 years older. Stress can affect each and every part of our body, including our skin. Tension can lead to rapid aging as well as excessive breakouts. That is why it is important to keep our stress levels under control. Here are a few tips how to achieve just that.

One way to reduce our stress levels and avoid unnecessary breakouts is to eat a healthy diet. Try to consume more fruit, vegetables and whole grains. These foods help us support healthy and supple looking skin. Some foods to avoid include fried and greasy foods. Another way to reduce your tension is to exercise daily. Exercise can help us relive excess energy that we may otherwise spend worrying about unnecessary things. Also, exercise stimulates endorphins which have a way of making us feel happy.

An adequate amount of sleep is yet another step towards a stress free life. Most people in today’s hectic society get approximately 5 hours of sleep each night, which is not enough! The average adult needs at least 7 hours of sleep each night. And watching television in bed does not count as sleep. Aside from sleep, you should also make sure to save some time for relaxation. This can be comprised of anything you enjoy doing, such as painting or watching your favorite movie.

And last but not least, if you are feeling stressed, be sure not to skip your daily skin care routine. Some people, when feeling tense, end up skipping a morning face wash or a nighttime makeup removal. That is a big no-no! You are simply asking for blemishes if you chose to take this route. So be sure to stick to your skin care routine even if you are feeling stressed. These are just a few steps in minimizing the tension in your life and improving the appearance of your skin.




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