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Keys to Combating Stubborn Weight Loss
copyright 2006 by Greg Landry, M.S.





Here are my tips to help you combat stubborn weight loss:

1. Do some type of aerobic exercise (walking, jogging, swimming, stationary cycling, aerobic dancing, etc.) on a DAILY basis (preferably in the morning) for 30 to 60 minutes! It elevates several of your body's hormones that tell your body to burn more fat. It decreases hormones that tell your body to store fat. And, it gives your metabolism (basal metabolic rate) a boost and burns calories.

Here's the bottom line - when you're sedentary, your body loves to hold on to fat. It likes to "store" as much as it can. Conversely, when you exercise, your body loves to "dump" fat. It does everything it can to get rid of fat. DAILY exercise! Forget this twice-a-week stuff. Your body was designed to be active on a daily basis. When you are, the fat will go!

2. Tone your muscles with weight training three days per week. Toned muscles look great and they supercharge your metabolism! This should be done just after your aerobic exercise session so that your muscles are warm and supple and less prone to injury.

3. Incorporate "intervals" (brief periods of more intense exercise) into most of your aerobic sessions. Intervals are a powerful tool to help boost your metabolism.

4. Develop a more active lifestyle. Look for the "hard" way to do things - the way that requires the most energy expenditure.

5. Always eat breakfast! Skipping breakfast sends the message to your body that you're "starving" because you haven't had food in 18+ hours (dinner meal one day to lunch meal the following day). As a protective mechanism, your metabolism slows down. Food, especially complex carbohydrates, fuels yourmetabolism.

6. Don't weigh yourself every day. Your body has daily fluid fluctuations that show on a scale day to day but aren't reflective of fat loss or gain. Weigh yourself once a week at most and preferably less than that.

7. Train for a local 5k or 10k walk or run in your area or set higher goals and train to walk or run a marathon. This can be great motivation to exercise on a regular basis. Many of the people that are most successful at weight loss have a specific goal of participating in some type of race. Remember, achieving the goal is not in winning the race but in preparing for the race and participating! I've seen many people transformed from couch potatoes to lean, mean exercising machines, because they decided to enter and train for a competition. Don't think you can't do it... YOU CAN!





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