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Top 5 Weight Loss and Fitness Myths
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WARNING: Don't weight train until after you've lost weight! No, no, no, no, pleeeeease don't believe that headline! That's one of the many myths associated with weight loss and fitness. If you're interested in losing weight and getting fit as quickly as possible, don't let these myths throw you off track;

Myth #1 - Some fancy exercise machine-of-the-month burns more calories than any other exercise.

FACT - One thing that many people seem to be confused about is how many calories are expended during different types of exercise. For example, I receive lots of questions regarding how many calories are burned with fancy exercise machines or certain unusual exercises that are supposed to burn lots of calories.

Don't be fooled by this stuff! Here's the bottom line - caloric expenditure is directly related to the amount of effort an activity requires. In general, the more difficult it feels, the more calories you burn. The easier it feels the fewer calories you burn. That's it! I don't care how fancy or expensive the equipment is, the harder you work the more calories you burn.

Myth #2 - Weight training with free weights is much more effective than with machines.

FACT - For the purposes of general fitness, muscle toning, and weight loss, it doesn't matter. My suggestion is to do whichever you are most comfortable with and are most likely to do on a regular basis.

Myth #3 - Low intensity exercise puts you in the "fat burning zone" and is ideal for weight loss.

FACT - The "fat burning zone" doesn't matter. Here's how it got started. Your body is always "burning" a mixture of carbohydrates and fat for fuel. This mixture tends to contain a little more fat during lower intensity exercise. Somebody took this to mean that a lower intensity workout was best for losing weight.. not so! It all comes from the same "pot". It doesn't matter if you're burning a little more fat or a little more carbohydrate at any particular time in your fuel mix. It all comes from the same calorie pool. The bottom line is, how many calories are you burning.

Myth #4 - Exercising for 30 minutes two to three times per week is sufficient for weight loss.

FACT - That's better than doing nothing but it's not optimal. I firmly believe that God designed our bodies to be active daily. When we exercise daily we are healthier, leaner, more energetic, and the list goes on and on. Also, daily exercise boosts your metabolism like nothing else can. I recommend working up to 30 to 60 minutes of daily aerobic exercise and three days of weight training per week.

Myth #5 - You can lose fat from a specific part of your body by doing an exercise for that part of your body. For example, abdominal crunches will remove fat from your abdominal area.

FACT - You can't spot reduce! You cannot control where fat is removed from your body.

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