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Walking: is it a Good form of Exercise
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Many people are afraid to start a new workout regimen because they fear that it will be too strenuous on their body. However, exercising can be as simple as walking. Just because some people put their bodies through unbearable strength training and aerobics, it does not mean that their method is the best approach for everybody. For instance, some people can benefit greatly from walking 30 minutes each day. It is a form of exercise that is not as strenuous but it still provides excellent health benefits.

Increasing physical activity is a very important part of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. One of the best ways to start out a fitness program is to begin a daily walking regimen. You can start out your first week by walking fifteen minutes on any two days. The second week you can try walking 15 minutes on any three days of the week. The following week, try increasing your walk time to 20 minutes. The fourth week opt for twenty five minutes and the fifth week make it thirty minutes. After you have reached your goal of 30 minutes, start upping the amount of days you exercise until you reach 5 days a week. By increasing the amount of time you exercise, you will burn more calories. Another way to burn extra calories is to pick up the pace. You don’t have to necessarily turn your walk into a jog, but you can turn your calm walk into a brisk walk.

By adopting a walking regimen, you will feel healthier, lighter and relaxed. Your body will have a means of releasing excess energy and tension which might otherwise increase stress. You will also be more likely to maintain your desired weight! So the next time you feel like you need physical fitness in your life, give walking a solid try.




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