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Weight Loss No-No's
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I've worked with hundreds of people who were interested in losing weight. Over the years I've noticed four areas that I believe are particular hindrances to weight loss. If your goal is to be successful at losing weight and keeping it off, avoid the no-nos.

Not exercising on a daily basis. Daily exercise sends your metabolism through the roof! I have seen VERY FEW people who are not very regular exercisers, lose weight AND keep it off. Losing weight and maintaining that loss can be very difficult. However, both can be made considerably easier with regular exercise, preferably in the morning.

To increase your caloric expenditure via more activity / exercise. However, you cannot decrease your daily caloric intake much lower than 1200 to 1500 or so without potentially creating health and metabolism problems. In fact, many people's metabolism (basal metabolic rate) is so slow from years of inactivity and dieting, that they are only burning fewer than 1500 calories per day.

Without exercise, they would have to decrease their daily caloric intake to unhealthy levels to lose weight. And, a caloric intake that's too low only creates more metabolism problems and a vicious cycle of more weight gain. So, the only remaining factor in the deficit equation is caloric expenditure through increased activity / exercise. The good news is that you can substantially increase your caloric expenditure. For example, if you're currently walking for 30 minutes two days per week, over a period of several weeks you can increase your walking to 60 minutes per day, six to seven days per week and begin weight training for 30 minutes three days per week.

Your metabolism (basal metabolic rate) decreases causing you to burn *fewer* calories 24 hours-a-day and causing the maintenance of your weight loss to be very difficult. Your muscles get flabby and mushy. Your are weaker and become fatigued more easily.

Not deciding to make a drastic change. I've seen this over and over again with hundreds of people. Unless someone decides that they are ready to get really serious about losing weight and ready to make drastic changes, their chances of losing weight and keeping it off are not good. Research continues to indicate that Americans are becoming more sedentary.. and fatter every year. This move toward inactivity and an increase in body fat is even more pronounced in children, who don't get out and play anymore. Instead, they sit in front of a TV or computer (perhaps like their parents) for many of their waking hours.

We know that there is a very direct, inverse relationship between a person's level of activity and the percentage of their weight that is fat. less activity equals more fat, and more activity equals less fat. is living proof that less activity

Exercise radically changes how your body handles fat! when you're sedentary, all the physiological signals tell your body to hang on to the fat and dump the metabolism boosting muscle. When you're exercising on a daily basis, all the physiological signals tell your body to dump the fat and increase the metabolism boosting muscle. Which signals do you want?

Not taking the time to plan and prepare your eating. Healthy eating for weight loss won't just happen, you have to spend time on it. Not being prepared is a major factor that leads to overeating and unhealthy eating. Take time to plan your shopping and eating for the week. Take time to prepare your lunch to take to work, and your meal for the evening, etc. Plan for healthy snacks to have at home, in your car, at work, etc.






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